Monday, December 14, 2009


My early Brown family Christmas was this weekend and my parents gave Coralie and I an awesome new Blu-Ray DVD player. Today I went out to various stores doing some Christmas shopping/Blu-Ray accessory shopping and I ran into the wall known as RIP OFF CENTRAL aka Best Buy and Target's HDMI cable sections. The range of prices of HDMI cable available at those two stores are $30.00 to over $100 dollars. Before I made any decisions I sat down and googled "HDMI cables" on my iPhone and came up with CNET's Guide to HDMI Cables.

The CNET guide blew my mind. They explained that cheaper HDMI cables perform just as well and hold up just as long as those over prices Monster Cables and here's the craziest part... you can buy these cheaper HDMI cables online for as low as .15 cents, HDMI (2 meter) 6 foot cable HQ 1080P 1.3b , on Amazon! The most expensive HDMI cable on Amazon, AmazonBasics Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable Braided (9.8 Feet / 3.0 Meters), only $40.00!

To all of you receiving new gadgets, giving new gadgets, or buying new gadgets after the holidays don't make the mistake of handing your hard earned cash over to chain stores that are ripping people off with over priced cables. Read this article: CNET's Guide to HDMI Cables and save the extra dough.

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